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Surrender & Open into Stillness Immersion (S.O.S.)Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Two Weekends, May 19-20 and June 16-17

with Jacquie Ruderman

“a teacher is one who shares the radiance of her own discovery. when we share what we’re most lit up about, the result is not so much teaching as a transmission of energy and inspiration.” - jonathan foust
Yin yoga affects our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies and is a practice that emphasizes relaxation of our muscles in various asana postures.
Mostly done on the floor, the practice targets on a physical level the connective tissue of the joints. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes with the goal being to safely and therapeutically stretch, stimulate and strengthen these deeper tissues. On an energetic level the practice allows chi/prana to move more fluidly through our meridians. A Yin practice develops mindful awareness of the breath, the body, our emotions and thoughts.

No Prior Yoga Certification Needed

Whether you are a registered yoga teacher desiring to share this practice with your students or an enthusiastic student who is eager to create your own personal Yin practice, this Level 1 Yin training is for you. No prior teacher training or certification is required just the curiosity and passion to further your understanding of Yin yoga

S.O.S. Yin training is unique for its inclusion of:

  • An understanding of modern meridian theory and Chinese medicine and how to incorporate these theories into the sequencing of a Yin class.
  • Developing a personal Vipassana (Insight Meditation practice).
  • Understanding how to confidently hold a safe space for your students.
  • Exploring how to creatively incorporate other healing modalities into your class.
  • Empowering yourself to approach your practice, your teaching and your life with more compassion, creativity and grace.

The training will include:

  • History, philosophy and benefits of Yin Yoga and Yin and Yang Theory.
  • A clear understanding of how to properly instruct the 25 Yin asanas.
  • Learning to modify poses to meet individual students needs by understanding how to tailor the practice to different populations by using various props and hands on assistance.
  • Sequencing of postures for various levels, from the beginner to the intermediate student.
  • Development of a personal authentic home Yin Yoga practice.

Training details:

  • Friday May 19th 7-9:30 pm, Saturday May 20th 9 am-5:30 pm
  • Friday June 16th 7-9:30 pm, Saturday June 17th 9 am-5:30 pm  
  • Complete readings & homework assignments to be given prior to training & in-between sessions


• $725, nonrefundable $200 deposit to secure your space - REGISTER HERE
For questions, email info@onyxyogastudio.com or call 908.834.8064.

About Jacquie:

jacquie ruderman, yin yoga instructorJacquie Ruderman, E-RYT 500HR, has practiced yoga since 1995 and began to teach in 2008. She strives to inspire her students through creative and thoughtful sequencing & breathing techniques. She leads heartfelt classes incorporating poetry, uplifting music, buddhist influenced teachings, Ayurvedic insights, aromatherapy, and her personal studies of Chinese medicine. Whether she is teaching a yin, restorative yoga or vinyasa flow her intention is to create an inclusive environment for "self-observation without judgement". Her vinyasa certification was lead by Jennifer Kohl and Jacquie's vinyasa teaching style is greatly influenced by Kripalu yoga. She is certified to teach several different methodologies of yoga. Jacquie has studied with masters in the yoga community such as yoga and buddhist meditation teachers Sarah & Ty Powers receiving certification to teach Yin yoga. She is also certified by Judith Hanson Lasater to teach Restorative yoga and has assisted Judith’s Level I Restorative teacher training.  Always a student she continues to seek out master teachers and has had the opportunity to study with inspiring meditation teachers such as Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Sylvia Boorstien, Josh Korda, & Karen Mazen Miller. She has had the honor to study with some of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the field such as Genny Kapular, Dana Trixie Flynn, Cyndi Lee, Shiva Rea, and Allison West just to name a few. She is most grateful for the inspiration from the community of teachers and students at Jaipure Yoga in Montclair. Her practice of Buddhist Vipassana meditation has brought her to several silent meditation retreats with the aspiration to bring benefit to herself, her students, friends and family. Jacquie teaches both private clients and studio classes for adults. For the past eight years she has taught children with special needs including children with autism. She has also volunteered for Kula for Karma, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to individuals with and in recovery from cancer at Saint Barnabas Hospital. Jacquie resides in Montclair with her husband, twin boys and children of the animal kind.


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