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We are a wellness and yoga studio offering a choice of activities and solutions for strengthening the mind and body. All offerings support greater health, joy and connection to life.  We offer yoga classes, yoga workshops, meditation and pranayama, yoga retreats and a comprehensive yoga teacher training program. 


A high standard of quality and professionalism is attached to each class and program we offer. Our clients trust that we deliver only teachers, healers and instructors with a commitment to the highest standards.


New to Yoga

We offer several drop in Yoga Basics classes each week which are suitable for new and beginner students. We also offer Beginner Workshops throughout the year. Our experienced teaching staff will guide your through the fundamentals providing you with a firm foundation to begin your practice.
Warning! Do not let the following limiting thoughts keep you from doing Yoga:

"I'm not flexible" -- You don't need to be flexible to begin to practice yoga. Start where you are. Believe us! MOST people can't wrap their leg behind their head; most can't touch their toes. It doesn't matter. Practice Yoga and you'll get more flexible.

"I can't sit still" -- Yoga helps train our minds to be more calm, but until that happens, rest assured there is a LOT more movement in class than sitting meditation.

"I tried it once and I didn't like it" -- The same could be said of a lot of things. We encourage you to take several classes before you make a decision that could, seriously, alter the course of your life.

"I'll look stupid" -- Nobody is watching you. People are a) kind and b) more concerned with their own practice than yours. Besides, you are Perfect, just the way you are. Really.

"I can't stand on my head" -- Very few start being able to do this. Maybe you'll learn this inversion, or another, one day when you're ready. Or maybe not. It's definitely not a pre-requisite.


What to Bring and Wear for Yoga


A yoga mat, although we do have mats available for rent at the front desk, $1. 

A water bottle. 

Wear comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement. We leave our shoes in the anteroom and typically practice barefoot but socks are fine if you prefer. 

An open mind. Chanting and breathwork may seem unusual at first. You will find after a few visits, however, they have an integrated role in a yoga practice. 




Feel free to contact our Member Advisor, Alex. She will guide you to the right classes for you and answer any questions. Alex can be reached at: alex@onyxyogastudio.com.




We are located in Warren, NJ, in Somerset County.
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